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Modern Renovation — the official website of the magazineStart to build with us The most popular magazine on the Russian print media market is aimed at people who are planning or have already started to repair or redesign their apartment or cottage. Every home is unique and has its own personality. That’s why any changes in its design — whether it connected with restructuring, construction of an extension or erection of an additional floor — should be well thought out and prepared. The Modern Renovation magazine offers in this respect a lot of useful information, practical advice and examples, recommendations on choice of materials and equipment, photo with step-by-step guide. Reviews and informational and analytical materials published in each issue of the magazine provide readers with news from the field of engineering development, building equipment and tools, spatial planning and interior design. The information is given in an understandable form, but herewith the technical details are not forgotten. Numerous color photographs and diagrams should give readers confidence in improving the quality of their houses in cooperation with experts. First the magazine reports basic knowledge for interested laymen, so that they can competently negotiate on internal reconstruction and rehabilitation with architects, designers and skilled workers. And contractors gain an illustrative incidental material to communicate with the homeowners.

The one who wants to do everything with their own hands will find in the magazine valuable ideas for the implementation of their plans. Therefore, the magazine will certainly be useful for owners of private houses, apartments, for those who lease out homes and who rent them. The official website of the Modern Renovation magazine gives the possibility to read online and view images of selected materials published in the printed version of the magazine. We also offer our readers a full digital versions of magazines (since 2009) for reading online. For example, you can flip through the magazine. The Modern Renovation magazine is registered by the RF Ministry for Press, Broadcasting and Mass Communications. The Registration certificate dated February 26, 2009.

The magazine has been published since the year 2009. Frequency: Circulation: Format: Printing: Printing house: Distribution: Russia, CIS and far abroad For additional information please contact: E-mail: mnv@houses. ru Nadia Morozova

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